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I’m a Product Designer at Pantheon in San Francisco. My background, while always within the art field, has been pretty diverse – this feeds into my work every day, and makes me a better designer.

Currently I focus on interaction and visual design. I touch projects from beginning to end, including user research, design strategy, personas, mapping out UX flows and wireframes, prototyping and testing, visual design, and some HTML/CSS. In my free time I’m getting to know San Francisco, continuing to learn all I can about design, and reading. I read a lot.

Full Name:

Kim, Kimby, Kim Possible

Superhero alias:

Why I design:
Ultimately I am fulfilled by improving people’s lives or jobs through design.

Soundtrack to my day:
Mad Max (if I’m feeling epic); Studio Ghibli (if I’m feeling artsy); Legend of Korra (if I’m feeling mellow)

Brag-worthy accolade:
In my current work, making a real positive impact to our customers by making the product more intuitive to use.

Recently excited about:
My dog!

Recently learned:
Ruminating on many principles learned at Cooper U’s Design Leadership class.

Recently focused on:
Presenting my designs so that they tell the story of the value they will bring to the user instead of only walking logically through wireframes.

What surprises me about me:
The older I get, the earlier I wake up… and I am ok with this.

Must read sites & blogs:
Braid Creative, The Pastry Box Project, 24 Ways, A List Apart, Cognition by Happy Cog, Smashing Magazine

Sites & blogs that inspire:
Corinne Reid, Design of the Picture Book, Gurney Journey, Loish, Lines and Colors, 55 Hi’s, Bryan Konietzko, Sprite Stitch, Character Design

Must listen to podcasts:
Stuff You Missed in History Class, Welcome to Nightvale, Being Boss, Hidden Brain, O’Reilly Design Podcast, Criminal, StartUp Podcast, Invisibilia, Serial, The Nudge

The Fine Print

I earned a Master of Entertainment Technology from Carnegie Mellon University and spent 3 years as a user interface designer at Schell Games in Pittsburgh. Before that I studied Studio Art and Art History at a liberal arts college called Saint Vincent, spent an adventure-filled semester studying art in Florence, Italy, and worked at a museum of American art.

Get my resume here.

Selected Projects

BinWise Product Design

Working closely with the leadership and engineering team to improve the design process, guiding the development from a technology-centered process to a user-centered design process, identifying problems with the existing product and work towards creating a more usable and efficient experience for customers.
Part1: User Research & Pattern Library
Part 2: Inventory Redesign
Part 3: Scansheet Redesign

Personal Development

This very site!

Games for kids that both entertain and teach:
In graduate school I worked on a variety of projects including:
  • Art Lead for Collectible, an animated short film, leading visual development, production design, texturing and lighting.
  • An animation segment for an episode of “Extreme Makeover: Home Edtion”.
  • A series of STEM games targeted for young girls in collaboration with the Carnegie Science Center.
  • Teaching Assistant for Building Virtual Worlds.
  • Worked with CMU Graphics lab to explore direction for a crowd-sourced drug molecule matching game for mobile; provided UI design and art following an established style for EteRNA, a puzzle game involving folding RNA molecules.

Plus I have a few things hanging around here just for fun.

Other Interests

Art and/or design books and sites, a good novel, coffee, knitting and crochet, my 3DS, Legend of Zelda, ice cream.

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