Junior high students plays as a magical creature, Blott, who lives below ground and needs to repair his home by fixing wrong words and sentences. Through the game, players begin to recognize patterns and word parts to grow language art skills. The overarching goal of the game is to instill a love of reading, writing, and creating stories that extends outside of the classroom.

I was the UI and Art Lead on this minigame bundled with the main Lexica RPG.

In June 2014, this game won the Gold Award at the International Serious Play Festival!

Gameplay footage

Interactive storyboards

Interactive Mockup of the entire game flow.

Level Flow storyboard - includes word fix, crystal shard collection, and level completion.

Sentence Fixing storyboard

Screenshots from the final game

Loading concept

Loading mockup

Inklings screencap 02 - Level Select

1st world map

Inklings screencap 01

Inklings screencap 03

Inklings screencap 04

Inklings screencap 05

Inklings screencap 06

Inklings screencap 07

Inklings screencap 08

Inklings screencap 10

Inklings screencap 11

Inklings screencap 12

Inklings screencap 13 - Instructions shot

Inklings screencap 13 - Instructions shot

User flows

Early high level user flow


Storyboard - Affix Swapping

Storyboard - Affix Swapping

UI art direction

Storyboard - Affix Swapping

Storyboard - Affix Swapping

HUD callouts

Font ideas - old style

Font Heading Tests

Inklings - UI

Health bar state mockupsSentence reveal storyboard

Health points - number color tests

Words - dot separators

Game art direction

I worked with another artist on this concept art.

Environment sheet - world 1

Environment sheet - world 2

Environment sheet - world 3

Keyart work 02

Keyart work 03

Keyart work 04

Keyart work 05