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Inklings: Underground

I was the art lead on this project. This is a game in which 12-14 year olds play as a magical creature who lives below the ground, and needs to repair his home by fixing wrong words and sentences. The goal is for players to recognize patterns and series of word parts. This is part of a larger suite of games that aim to encourage language art skills.


(Raw Gameplay Footage of a few levels)

On June 25, 2014, this game won the Gold Award at the International Serious Play Festival! Though I promise the game has a lot of whimsy, and is not all serious.

My responsibilities on this project included: РI assisted in the art direction to guide newer artists and ensure visual consistency, and managed the priorities of an art team of 1-3 people to ensure visual consistency and the development delivered on time, mentored newer artists, and assisted in client presentations. РEstablished the UX flow with wireframes, storyboards and animatics; created screen art concepts and assets, and worked on other components as needed, like the environment and fx development. РWorked closely with tech to implement the art into Unity for 34 levels and all of the menu screens, and signed off on all final screens.


Storyboards & Flow Mockups

Interactive Mockup of the entire game flow.

Level Flow storyboard – including word fix, crystal shard collection, and level completion.

Sentence Fixing storyboard

Screencaps from Final Game

Development Art