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World of Lexica

Lexica is game on iOS and Android tablets to be distributed in schools and is intended for young teens. The overarching goal of the game is to instill a love of reading, writing, and creating stories that extends outside of the classroom.

As the UI Lead in the first phase of this project, I worked closely with the game designers to iterate on the user experience.  Below is a sample of the wireframes and flowcharts, as well as early visual treatments and iconography I created for this game.

Character builder

Spellbook - Augmentations page sketch


Map and minimap design

Minimap design Minimap design

Quest Log

Quest Log

Dialogue interface and visual direction exploration

Dialogue layouts Dialogue concept art Dialogue concept - transition Dialogue concept art

Dialogue concept art

Heads Up Display

Wireframes and visual exploration

HUD layout variationsHUD concept art