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Print Design for Schell Games

The Art of Game Design: 2nd Edition

I helped out with the cover design of the 2nd edition cover of Jesse Schell’s The Art of Game Design.  The most important guideline was to retain the flavor of the original cover (see below).  I worked with another artist and the art director on the design direction, and then I created the final art in Illustrator.

Original Cover Art

Art of Game Design - original 1st edition cover


2nd Edition Final Art

Art of Game Design - 2nd edition final art

The icons on the dice are symbols used throughout the book and accompanying card deck.  They represent thinking about the experience, the player, the game, the process, and the designer.

Concept Sketches

Marketing Collateral

I worked with the existing Schell Games brand identity (including logo, fonts, and color palette) to make an update on their marketing materials.  I created new designs for their business card, letterhead, envelope, and one sheet.

Final Designs

Business Card Envelope Letterhead - Horizontal version Letterhead - Vertical version One Sheet

Unused Designs