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Version 2 – latest and greatest

Version 1 of this site launched May 2014. My goal was to learn WordPress above all else, so I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the design. I’ve been revamping it the past couple months, and Version 2 launched a little under a year later March 2015. My goal was a clearer design than the last one, better use of white space, and unifying the look.

I tried out Affinity Designer for all of the icons & other handdrawn elements.  What’s nice is these are all vectors so I can export to whatever size I need without losing quality.  It was much easier to draw with vectors in Affinity Designer than Illustrator.


I worked on the art development in Photoshop, but stopped when the design was maybe 75% of the way there, and then designed the rest, plus how it would look on mobile devices, in the browser because it would be more efficient to play around with the finer details there.  Here are some shots below of the design in photoshop.  You’ll notice some of it is incomplete or only blocked in.  Some things, like the About page, ended up going in a completely different direction than I initially thought.









New logo explorations

Most of these are completely fail (and that’s ok.)

v2logos-a v2-logos-b

Version 1 – old n busted

Here’s some development art & screenshots from the last version of the site.


Click through mockup:



Design Development

Screenshots of KimKiserDesign v1


Old Logo Explorations

(Yep, mostly still fail.  Still ok.)

Logo ideas 1  Logo ideas 3